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Company ECOPAINT Golčův Jeníkov was founded January 1, 1994 as a trading company with aqueous chemical products for metal finishing, stripping and organic products for degreasing and paint removal. The chemistry of this simple technology was produced and shipped in a particularly complex delivery of large domestic firms. Since the end of 1996 was furnished operation of custom paint and varnish from different materials. This service is still mainly used for stripping powder coatings, wet paint, etc. from cataphoretic paint products and paint shop painted defective parts.

In early 1998 the company expanded the field of hydraulics. These include the manufacture of pressure hose assemblies, sales of industrial hoses for various applications, production and overhaul of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic fittings sales, couplings, seals, pressure gauges, air piping, ball valves etc.

Since 2001, it was established custom mobile silica sand blasting surfaces or ecological slag.

Since mid-2003 was started a custom hardened steel blasting abrasive surfaces in the chamber with semi-automatic 7x4x3m provozem.V 2005, we expanded the production of dry blasting with corundum or glass beads in the chamber and 1100x800x700mm very fine wet blasting (polishing) in the chamber 700x500x500mm. Since mid-2008, work was started tumbling small parts in the drum with a diameter 500x1500mm surface passivation.

From 1.7.2009 the department was set up hot-dip coating of metals - metallization and zinacor materials, zinc, aluminum, copper, brass, steel, stainless steel as well as platinum.

z Today, in 2012 the company already has about 10,000 square meters of land, about 1,000 square meters built-up areas and about 1,000 square meters of hard surfaces.

We look forward to our cooperation.

ECOPAINT - Komenského 250, 582 82 Golčův Jeníkov - tel.: +420 602 482 468, email: